How to make a character sheet

Before you get started you will need to get yourself acquainted with these pages: You will also need the following materials:
  • Printed Character Sheet or Player Genie
  • Pencil
  • Either 4d6 or a e-die roller
  • D&D Players Handbook V 3.5

The first thing you will fill out is the top of the Character sheet.

I allow most conceivable names, as long as they sound like they are real. If you like a certain name, but it sounds fake, translate it, like so: Pimp of Death (No one is named that!!) I like Indonesian names, so translated it is Germo Kematian, which sounds much better.

Player name is your name, just in case you misplace your sheet, your family will know who’s it is.

Pick your class and race, then your alignment will be based on the two.

For beginners level will be one, as to not overwhelm you with feats and skills. Deity is optional for most classes.

Size will me medium unless you are a Gnome or a Halfling, Age will be adult ages can be found on the races age height and weight chart . Gender is your choice, the rest of the physical characteristics are based on your race, if you wish to do this randomly, it is on the races age height and weight chart also.

Now the next step is to roll your abilities, and fill them into this area.

Remember to add or subtract racial adjustments before writing them down.

How to make a character sheet

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